Know Hair + Know Yourself

Amanda specializes in fluid, lived-in, dimensional color. She dreams about the way a soft balayage grows out, that cali girl beach wave, and that low maintenance hair life. She is the perfect colorist for you if you love healthy, shiny hair with a boutique luxury vibe to go along with.

Begin your service with a complimentary neck and scalp massage, to forget any stresses of the day. Decompress while you sip a cup of coffee and read the latest magazine. Chat with her while she paints your hair until you feel grounded and more yourself. Amanda just wants to meet you where you’re at.

Good day, bad day - we all need to feel good about ourselves for a few hours. She believes that investing in your hair is the perfect way to do that. Plus, that feeling when you walk out the door with that new hair glow?

It’s like none other.

Amanda seriously loves what she does for a living. She has had the opportunity to train with industry leaders across the country and is always striving after the best education; constantly training with coaches to elevate her game. It is important to her to work with brands that are eco friendly, and partner with companies that give back.

In her free time you might find her rock climbing, spending time with friends, road tripping to concerts, or planning her next travel adventure. She lives for a good Netflix documentary and is always down for a quality slice of cheese pizza.

She currently colors out of The Beach House Salon in Tacoma, Wa. Think all things boutique and beach vibes. Consider it your reprieve from life, where for a few hours you can invest in you.