I typically do 3 types of services... Number 2 has my favorite results.


Not sure what that means for your current grow out? Wondering if being darker at the base would even look right on you?⠀

✨✨Let’s get you on a customized treatment regimen✨✨⠀

You’ll hear me say it again and again. COLOR EVOLVES 🌱 It grows and fades and shifts and changes places on your head.⠀

Majority of the services I do, are essentially maintaining and enhancing the initial foundation now that it’s evolving into a new shape.⠀

These maintenance appointments typically fall into the PARTIAL category. Most clients will receive 2-4 maintenance appointments per year. ⠀

Wondering if your color falls into this MAINTENANCE category?⠀

Want to know what we can do to make your color lower maintenance?⠀

Just hit me up. I’d love to customize a color plan for you ✨⠀


I typically do 3 types of services... Here's number 1.


🌙 Typically your first service with me will be some type of fully customized look.⠀

But what does that even mean?⠀

A full is the opportunity to change your entire look ✨ to lighten up everywhere! To do an all over darker shade for fall! To add some dimension through your ends and pop a money piece in the front! Whatever your Pinterest searching heart desires, but consider it an overall look.⠀

This type of color session usually ranges between 3-4hrs. It will take into consideration your previous color, the health and texture of your hair, and apply techniques to move toward your desired look.⠀

Most of my clients receive a full look 1-3x per year. It’s for when we really need to change it up, or do some extensive lightening.⠀

But after that...⠀
Maintenance phase kicks in! 👏🏻⠀

Wondering if your color needs to be a FULL every time? Considering a big change? Let’s chat! 📲

Talk about a BRONDE transformation


DANGGGG this BRONDE transformation is everything 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻⠀

Elizabeth came to me ready for a change. She wanted to go back to something closer to her natural color so she could space out her appointments 📆⠀

I chose to paint a Full Highlight for her using both highlights + lowlights.⠀

We wanted a seamless blend when her natural grew in. By choosing NOT to do a global on scalp application, I can give her a tad softer grow-out line come 8 weeks from now. Essentially, by varying the lowlights with her existing natural it creates a subtle multidimensional look.⠀

Then I painted a fewwww soft balayage pieces up around the face. Just a few with @love_kevin_murphyfreestyle.lightener. And I used a low level 10vol developer to avoid damaging any fragile ends.⠀

We finished with a root shadow of @redken shades eq 06N. Then a gloss through the ends of 08GI + 09N + Clear. Simple, but just enough depth reflection to give her this sexy root blend that won’t need to be touched up for another 3–5 months 🖤⠀

Elizabeth is the perfect example of someone who wants to go a long time between appointments, and needs to adjust her color to fit that type of low maintenance look.⠀

We picked out some hydrating products to take home, and I coached her on how to keep her hair feeling healthy between visits🌟 ⠀

What’s the real takeaway here? Sometimes change is good. And even though it can seem sad to let the blonde go, look how sultry, healthy and sexy a walk on the BRONDE side can be ✨✨✨