Let's Talk Lowlights


Let’s talk LOWLIGHTS 🌙⠀

How many times have you or your color felt a little too “solid” or a little too “washed out?”⠀

Sometimes when highlighting is the main color technique, after a while you look in the mirror and BAM! 🙀 How did I get this blonde?!⠀

FACT : you neeeeeed depth in the hair to allow your highlights to have maximum brightness + POP 💥⠀

Lowlights are a fantastic way to add a little dimension back into the hair and give that blonde some punch.⠀

Sure, it might seem contradictory to add dark in to make you feel blonder, but in reality it’s exactly what you need.⠀

Take a look at Dawn’s hair. We normally do a Full Balayage to allow her the most overall lightness. But this last color we decided she was feeling a little too solid on the ends. We chose a lowlight that complimented her blonde, and VIOLA!⠀

New dimension, new shine, and a healthier look for summer! 👏🏻🌟⠀

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