I typically do 3 types of services... Number 2 has my favorite results.


Not sure what that means for your current grow out? Wondering if being darker at the base would even look right on you?⠀

✨✨Let’s get you on a customized treatment regimen✨✨⠀

You’ll hear me say it again and again. COLOR EVOLVES 🌱 It grows and fades and shifts and changes places on your head.⠀

Majority of the services I do, are essentially maintaining and enhancing the initial foundation now that it’s evolving into a new shape.⠀

These maintenance appointments typically fall into the PARTIAL category. Most clients will receive 2-4 maintenance appointments per year. ⠀

Wondering if your color falls into this MAINTENANCE category?⠀

Want to know what we can do to make your color lower maintenance?⠀

Just hit me up. I’d love to customize a color plan for you ✨⠀


I typically do 3 types of services... Here's number 1.


🌙 Typically your first service with me will be some type of fully customized look.⠀

But what does that even mean?⠀

A full is the opportunity to change your entire look ✨ to lighten up everywhere! To do an all over darker shade for fall! To add some dimension through your ends and pop a money piece in the front! Whatever your Pinterest searching heart desires, but consider it an overall look.⠀

This type of color session usually ranges between 3-4hrs. It will take into consideration your previous color, the health and texture of your hair, and apply techniques to move toward your desired look.⠀

Most of my clients receive a full look 1-3x per year. It’s for when we really need to change it up, or do some extensive lightening.⠀

But after that...⠀
Maintenance phase kicks in! 👏🏻⠀

Wondering if your color needs to be a FULL every time? Considering a big change? Let’s chat! 📲

Daria's first color EVER!


GUESS WHAT! Daria let me color her hair 🙏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻😭⠀

...for the first time in her LIFE 🤯😱⠀

I have been doing Daria’s cuts for about 6 years now.⠀

She has the best fashion sense, she’s always working hard to meet her next goal, and she’s never had a ton of time to pamper herself.⠀

She’s always had a really pretty brunette shade naturally and thought it wasn’t necessary. Plus she was super nervous about feeling not like herself when she looked in the mirror. Which I totally get! ⠀

We need to feel like our hair brings out the best side of us. Like when you wear that little black dress that makes you feel SEXY. Or pull out that one pair of jeans that fit JUST RIGHT.⠀

Ya’ll know what I’m talking about 🖤⠀

I believe your hair can give you that same feeling. Confidence. Health. A women taken care of.⠀

Once Daria and I settled on a shade she felt comfortable with, and talked in depth about what she wanted out of a color...she said “I trust you.”⠀

And as I turned her towards the mirror to see the finished result, she said “I can’t believe I waited this long to see myself this way.”⠀

*cue my ugly cry* 😭⠀