Choosing to invest in yourself is seriously liberating.

It is my hope that when you sit in my chair, you will feel unique, confident, and heard.

I have designed my pricing menu to reflect what I believe is the best way to serve you. Instead of choosing a specific technique, please think of your color service as a session. Together we can talk about your dream hair goals, and ultimately I will help you decide which technique is best for your desired look.

Essentially, the sessions are designed for the amount of time it will take to achieve a look, maintain, or refresh one! This leaves you free to relax, while I take care of the technical side of things.

The Full Look

A full foundational color service to achieve hair goals and transform.

It's where we make changes and set your color placement.

Time : 3 + hours

How Often : 1-3 x per year

Price : starting at $240

The Maintenance

A color service that makes your color look new again, with less time.

We bring color placement up, tweak tones, adjust for the season.

Time : 2-3 hours

How Often : 6-12 weeks

Price : starting at $160

The Refresh

A color service to blend, add shine, and extend the life of your color.

Typically a smudge + tone or a pop of the money piece.

Time : 1 - 2 hours

How Often : 6-12 weeks

Price : starting at $70



$60 with service


B3 Demi $35

Keratin Express $70


Please inquire directly about Bridal, Styling, and Extension Services.

Cash + Check Preferred
Visa + Mastercard Accepted
*fees may apply